Auction Trinity OP Systems Chemical and Pad Auction

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Jul 13, 2011
Auction includes:

Safe N Soft (1 Gallon)
Odor Death (1Gallon)
Torpedo Grease Encapsulation (1 Gallon)
TLC (1 Gallon)
PadCap Pro DS (1 Gallon)
Red Vanish (1 Quart)
Rust Assassin (1 Quart)
Genies Potion (1 Quart)
Gum Up (1 Quart)
Microfiber Pad 18" (5 pads)
Glad Pads 21" (5 pads)
Tan Fiber Pad 17" (1 pad)
Free shipping to lower 48

VacAway Safe N Soft is a low pH that helps safely address the cleaning challenges of natural fibers such as wool and cotton, designed with a softening agent that will not leave items stiff. Instead, it will leave them soft to the touch.

VacAway Odor Death uses the oxidizing power of Stabilized CLO2 technology. This amazing product removes obnoxious odors such as those caused by pet urine, skunk spray, vomit, mold & mildew, feces, organic & protein decay. It is very effective on odors associated with death such as cadaverine (dead mouse). It works to remove odors caused by urine, smoke, putrefaction, doggie odor, etc.

An aggressive pre-spray that cuts through grease and soil like no other. Formulated to clean restaurants, apartments, tile & grout, and any other place with heavy soil.

TLC The most versatile, general cleaner we have. Also great for grout & tile cleaning, cement, brick, wood, etc. Double strength also available.

PadCap Pro cuts through grease, soil, removes mal-odors from smoke & grease, yellowing from dog urine & dog areas. It cleans, dries, & crystallizes, then expands & shatters making removal by vacuuming quick & easy. Now available in double strength

Red Vanish is a ONE-PART Dye Stain Remover that removes stains on carpet caused by RED food dye, coffee, wine, blood, vomit, urine, etc. It will also improve many furniture stains on carpeting. Many times the use of heat with Red Vanish can be avoided by simply treating individual stains during your pre- inspection while the carpet is still dry. Quite frequently when it comes time to clean the area, Red Vanish will have already reduced the stains to the point they will clean right out. Unlike competitive products, Red Vanish contains a unique copolymer to insure it will not leave a sticky dirt attracting residue it will actually vacuum out.

RUST ASSASSIN Specifically designed to quickly, yet safely, remove tough rust stains from carpet & upholstery. No hydrofluoric acid, no phosphoric acid, and no butyls.

Genie’s Potion is an incredible spotter! Removes coffee, koolaid, chocolate, soy sauce, spaghetti sauce, ketchup & countless other stains, but is is also 100% green! Must be applied to dry carpet before cleaning.

Gum Up - Just squirt it on, rough up with a gum tool or a bone scraper, and clean!

MICRO FIBER W/SCRUB STRIPS Main pad to encap carpets. Strips carpet fibers of all foreign matter. Works well on residential & commercial carpet styles.

GLADIATOR PADS Our #1 seller and “go to” pad for most cleaning needs – beverage spills, drying & finishing up cleaning jobs. Great on residential or non-greasy commercial carpet. Works on all machine types. Durable cotton blend.

TAN BUFFING PAD Multi-purpose, mildly abrasive dry buffing pad. Buffs away light soil & levels scratches.​

$535 Retail Value
Starting Bid $325
Minimum Bid Increment $2

Auction ends Wednesday 8/19/20 at 9PM EST/ 6PM PST (sharp.....not 9:00:59 :icon_rolleyes:)


Nov 12, 2017
Rome, GA
Chad Mayes
Super Dad is here!

Chad how much are you enjoying your TOPS PHX? have you done any or much resi work with it?

has anyone asked 'where does the dirt go yet?"
We're loving it! No residential work with it yet. I'm taking it to do a dentist's office tomorrow. 3k square feet that we hwe every year. Can't wait!
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Mikey P

Oct 6, 2006
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We're loving it! No residential work with it yet. I'm taking it to do a dentist's office tomorrow. 3k square feet that we hwe every year. Can't wait!
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