Whats the point...

Numero Uno

Oct 16, 2006
Of learning to be so gd good.
Drop the biz an see who hires ya.
No one...
27 yr old kid loves me I drive 22 miles an get told too old.
On phone different story.
Work for some one get excellent referrals an build client relationship .
They hire a fool out of prison spend 8k for his license then drop me to 3 days a week.
That was pre Watching dad 7 yes.
Him an the kid manager do a floor for 70 hours 3 days their there.
2200 job.boss paid all that labor made nothing.
Then they get called to return.
What's the point.
Stanley won't hire me even.
They ask if your certs are still active.
Oh you meant he two day dumbest course I score great on.
To funnel hundreds per yr to keep what active.
It's pointless this career.
You start out like many clueless.
You get led into purchases that break or fail.
Gas prices rise you lise more cash.
Loyalty means nothing to clients any more.
The old ones who understood are gone.
Carpets are crap now not like the wool I trained on.
What's the point.
Sorry I'm gd good very good an age my but.
I'm in remission but whoop do do.
Some one motivate me back.
Windows for get it covid killed the cold call sales.
Home services with out homes are what now?.
Age my butt.sure I'm slower who ain't.
But to get told that all gd day long...
F em all.
Got turned down at 4 diswashing places too.
What's point of getting healthy they don't hire u either way.
An without being racist I'm wrong there too.
Like I could pick color as a kid.
I was raised by the sweat of your brow an to be the best at what you do.
No matter what you do...
What's the gd point of it all ???
Sorry going through some bs times.
Begging for assistance with wtf.
Never begged never took anything like that ever.
An when I do now I'm still getting shot down. Tell me what's the point of it...
Pension ya sure

Numero Uno

Oct 16, 2006
Sorry just last 44 days.
Blood urine uti one week
Broke tooth
3 friends pass away
Tires don't arrive
Home an car insurance almost canceled
No vet help never served in war or nat emergency .bs on that too
Gf after 6 yes never arguing packs up 2 days pre Xmas.
Takes my puppy with her...
A pill that makes me pee not knowing,flooded car an pants.
18 turned down jobs.age related.
Bank balance zero
Today tires still ain't arrived
Phone broke.
I still refuse to look down.but Christ how much can you take...
Thanks for letting me vent all alone here now...
No pity party just shot mentally but I'm alive an gaining weight.
Just want to do what's right...
Tomorrow's a new day right ???

Dolly Llama

Number 5
Oct 7, 2006
North East Ohio
Larry Capitoni
Ceez, why are you looking for work that involves physical labor?

Have you looked into security guard work?

What about the companies that do traffic control (flaggers) for road construction, tree trimmers and utility companies?

fkin walmart greeter would be better than slogging a wand or stripping VCT for someone else


Mr Brightside

May 4, 2019
Southern Cali
Jay Wags
Hey I don't know what your going through but I will tell you that you can turn it around. I have days I think we all do that it feels like its all coming down. You need to make a clear goal and figure out how to make it work. There is plenty I mean plenty of money out there. Think about it someone else is doing it.... they are running multiple vans without working inside the van and making money spending time with family ect whatever your goals are someone out there put in the work and did it. That means so can you and you have to be willing to put in the work for it. I know your hurting beat up and tired but its worth it. Get your ass up and get it done!

from a fellow tired beat up carpet cleaner
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