When it rains...

Numero Uno

Oct 16, 2006
It Pours.
Ok, Today out of the blue.
7 job offers.
Ranging from 18 -32 dollars per hour...
Even Butler was looking for truck assemblers.
Yet to hear from them.
But I took the one within walking distance.
Like 1/ 10th mile away.
Guys thanks for the motivation an camaraderie.
The dysfuntionality of the carpet cleaning field.
Forever makes me wonder now.
But the people behind the tools.
Are the very best...
To all Thank You for carrying me when I was weary...
Back on my own two feet here again.
An your all the finest people.
I ever met or chatted with.
Here for you all always...
Pay range was 18-32.
Took the 20...
32 was 27 miles one way...
Regards all...
Forever in my Heart,even Boyle...
He was my Mickey...
Ain't no gd bell ringing.
Get up an fight u bum...
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