who agrees that wand and killer wand technique makes for at least 75%

Mikey P

Oct 6, 2006
The High Chapperal
Lead tech deals with client while Support Tech dry vacuums, after getting a grasp of the project and noting concerned areas.
If needed, both techs dry vacuum

1st tech done then takes HF and lead hose spool to the far point and spools back to the truck. Starts the machine and also carries the wand back to the far point. Starts prespraying.

The next tech brings lead vacuum hose to the 50' mark on the solution hose and enough additional hose, if needed, to connect to the truck. Starts moving certain furniture and prepping as needed. When far point areas are presprayed or treated finishes spooling the vacuum hose to the wand. Avoid spooling vac hose before sprayed.

Lead tech starts cleaning, support tech positions furniture, backs out hoses, white towels any overspray and spotters.

Support tech take wand for a few minutes while lead tech does any paperwork or customer interaction.

Support tech starts the wrap up process...

D Luke

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Apr 12, 2015
I was able to do a perfect case study today:

Lightly soiled basement carpet. Basically wide open, just had to move and block 3 small pieces. 589 cleanable square feet.


Started a timer AFTER pre-spraying, vac, and using a hand tool to clean around the toilet in the bathroom. Wanted to know exactly how long wanding alone took.

Had an idea of what to expect, but wasn't exactly sure.


Call it an even 600 ft per hour because the small bathroom took a few extra minutes of manuvering. The specifics of this job allowed us to clean about as quickly as we ever do.

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