Who first coined the phrase "Film Former"?

Tom Forsythe

Dec 19, 2006
We have had people copy Flex by using Flux, Traffic Slam by using Slam, Citrus Solv by all sort changes like Citra Solv, Citrus Solvent, etc. Encapuclean Green is nowhere close to Releasit or ResisTech®. The ResisTech® applied for a trademark which is the way to protect your name. Double Strength or Heavy Duty (Heavy Duty Wood Cleaner, Avenge Heavy Duty Fabric Pre-spray) are descriptions and not protected by trade mark regulations. We have trade marked several of our brands and product names which is what you do. If you have not already then I would suggest that you trademark Releasit as it is a good brand and product name. Sometimes others can use the name in a totally separate industry even if it is trademarked. Encapsulate is used in carpet cleaning and in restoration with different applications.
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