Yesterday I got a call from the RMHC in Greenville South Carolina

Mikey P

Oct 6, 2006
The High Chapperal
and today, I'm ready to book a flight for February....

Actually this the first time a RMH has done the initial reach out, as they are in "desperate need", the regular guy they pay full price for does a poor job.

With a just a few phone calls I was able to get Carpet Cleaner America and Contec, both of whom are from next door Spartenburg, to sponsor to MF Crew of Me, Mark and Meg to come out and git er done...

We'll need 30 to 35 cleaners and 4 or 5 trucks to pull it off in one day.
30k feet, granite counters tile and laminate floors, rugs and uph.

Cleaners in the area will get first dibs, followed by MBr's than I'll reach out to the Atlanta Crew including Chandler, Courtney and Chad from Cleaners Connect.

I should have a firm date real soon but mid Feb is the target.

I suppose an olive branch to Judson is in order...

greenville map.jpgrmhc house..jpgmeeting rm.png
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