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HydraMaster Introduces the Evolution Glided Upholstery Tool

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Press Release

June 26, 2018

HydraMaster Introduces the Evolution Glided Upholstery Tool

The Evolution Glided Upholstery Tools has a rotationally molded head with a Delrin® Glide. This durable, rotationally molded tool is lighter than conventional steel...

HydraMaster Introduces the Next Generation of the RX20 Rotary Jet Extractor®

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HydraMaster introduced rotary jet extraction® cleaning to the industry 35 years ago with three primary goals: a higher level of cleaning performance in a carpet cleaning wand, faster drying, and reducing fatigue for the cleaning technician. Now HydraMaster is raising the stakes in rotary...

Take 60 Seconds to Improve Your Results and Reduce Claims

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5 Reasons to Spend an Extra 60 Seconds Testing Before You Clean!
by Jim Pemberton - Fabric Pro Specialist
Fiber ID testing is one of those tasks that cleaners acknowledge should be done (at least in class or in the presence of a trainer or mentor), but that they rarely do in practice.

There are several reasons why cleaners skip this important test, but one...

Cleaning Upholstery Without an Upholstery Cleaning Machine or Tool

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Can You Clean Upholstery Without a Machine?
by Jim Pemberton - Fabric Pro Specialist
Absolutely Yes! . . . in some cases, the best technique for cleaning a delicate upholstery fabric can actually be no upholstery machine or specialty tool at all!

Cleaning professionals invest tens of thousands of dollars in the ideal carpet cleaning equipment. Along with that...

Notice CleanCo/Esteam/Fibreclean acquired by Aramsco

HydraMaster Introduces New Smartphone/tablet Technical Support App for Truckmounted Equipment.
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This app will help HydraMaster equipment owners troubleshoot and answer some of the most common questions while operating or maintaining a HydraMaster Truckmount. It provides on-the-job immediate support 24/7/365, even when you are cleaning at night, on weekends, and on holidays. It is a great resource for training new technicians. You can access diagrams, charts...

Natural Stone Solutions Inc. purchased by Aramsco Inc.

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Natural Stone Solutions Inc., including all related entities, (“NSS”) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a definitive agreement to sell substantially all of its assets to Aramsco, Inc. (“Aramsco”). The transaction is expected to close in the coming weeks.

“We are thrilled to partner with Alejandro de Quesada, Ruben De...

Yellowing Problems on Upholstery?

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Yellow Alert for "Fine Fabric Cleaners"
by Jim Pemberton - Fabric Pro Specialist
There are several things that can cause furniture to have a yellow discoloration or "haze". The causes and cures of these problems are so diverse that its critical to know the fabric and its maintenance history to know what you should do (or NOT do) next.

Inspection and Testing...

A letter from RMHC...

Legend Brands improves the Prochem Legend

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@Jim Pemberton you sell a bunch of these don't you?

All you need with a Tom Wand...

Upholstery Stain Removal Tips

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12 Steps That Will Remove Wine (and other Tannin Stains)
Jim Pemberton - the Fine FabriCare Guy
Today, 'Fine Fabric Specialists' often receive pictures via text with messages like this:

"We have this cushion with a large wine stain. We put salt on the stain. Can you clean it, and how much will it cost?"



The portable that goes anywhere and does everything

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masterforce-onwhite (1).jpg
From the makers for the very successful, award winning El Diablo Truckmount comes a mighty
and portable alternative, The MasterForce.

As you know, there are times a truckmount is just not going to work. Consider high-rise offices or places where long vac and solution hoses just are not a good option, what you need is a small compact unit...

Mason Tomaino Joins HydraMaster as Western Region Sales Manager

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Press Release – November 3rd, 2017

Mason Tomaino Joins HydraMaster as Western Region Sales Manager

Bruce Daw, VP of Sales for HydraMaster has announced that Mason Tomaino has joined the HydraMaster Team as the Western Region Sales Manager. Mason has a long history of serving the professional cleaning and restoration professional...

The Cleaning Cupboard has joined the Aramsco & Interlink Supply team!

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Aramsco® & Interlink Supply® Acquire The Cleaning Cupboard

Salt Lake City, UT 27 October 2017

Aramsco & Interlink Supply are pleased to announce that as of today, The Cleaning Cupboard has joined their team. The Cleaning Cupboard is based out of Rochester, NY, and provides equipment and services to...

When Is Hot not so Hot?

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When Is Hot 'Not So Hot'?
Jim Pemberton - Fabric Pro Upholstery Specialist
The use of a hot cleaning solution is not without risk in upholstery care!

Cleaning professionals have long been taught that using hot (over 110 degrees) water can be one of the most important "ingredients" for producing outstanding results in upholstery cleaning.


Three Risks You Must Avoid When Cleaning Jacquard Fabrics

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Three Risks You Must Avoid When Cleaning Jacquard Fabrics!
by Jim Pemberton - Fabric Pro Specialist
Important Reminders For Cleaning Professionals!

Jacquard weaves are among the most difficult and risky fabrics to clean. You might recognize jacquards by other names, such as brocade, brocatelle, damask, matelasse, and tapestry. Regardless of the specific style, all...

Profit Opportunity in Anti-Allergen Services

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ResponsibleCare™ is MasterBlend’s successful line of hypoallergenic, anti-allergen products. The ResponsibleCare family of products creates desirable revenue opportunities professional cleaners through offering valuable services for the allergy sufferer and individuals who are sensitive to harsh chemicals. MasterBlend contends this is an...

Summer 2017 issue of The Journal of Cleaning, Restoration & Inspection

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Summer cover (1).jpeg
The Summer 2017 issue of The Journal of Cleaning, Restoration & Inspection is now available online. To access the digital edition, click here:


It features the following peer-reviewed technical articles:
  • Matter Separation and Biological Destruction, by...

New Co Axial Fan from Dri Eaz preview --- sicass!

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Stealth AV3000
The ULTIMATE versatile, high-velocity axial airmover

The Stealth produces high velocity, long-throw airflow to ventilate smoke, dust and fumes and dry large spaces fast. Direct air anywhere – reposition it easily on its versatile integrated stand. The Stealth's advanced blade design delivers quieter operation AND higher intensity airflow. Power airflow up or down in a snap with...

Understanding the Benefits of Encapsulation Cleaning

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Encapsulation cleaning uses very little moisture by encapsulating soil particles in specially designed cleaning compounds.

· Low-moisture, low-residue means carpeted areas are available for use immediately after cleaning

· Carpeting lasting longer and looking great

· Favored by hotels, convention centers, offices...

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