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Industry Leaders and Researchers Prepare for CIRI Science Conference

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The only peer-reviewed research symposium for facilities cleaning and disaster restoration professionals is set for July 15-17 at Miami University

The Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) is excited to announce that the 2019 CIRI Science Symposium will be held July 15-17 at Miami University in Oxford, OH. The theme for the 2019 symposium...
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Empire Cleaning Supply enters agreement with Aramsco

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aramsco.jpgMay 7, 2019 — Empire Cleaning Supply (“Empire”) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a definitive agreement to sell substantially all of its assets to Aramsco, Inc. (“Aramsco”).

“We are thrilled to partner with Robert Cronyn and the entire team at Empire. While the Empire team will continue to focus on serving their customers, our...
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Auction TH-40 12" Turbo Hybrid Tile & Grout Cleaning Tool with Concrete Attachment

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1 TH-40 12" Turbo Hybrid Tile & Grout Cleaning Tool and Concrete Attachment w/ Free Shipping (l48) $1000+ Value


The Turbo Force 12-inch Turbo Hybrid operates at pressures up to 2,500 PSI and will clean 400–1,000 square feet per hour. Plus, the patented automatic vacuum compensator leaves the floor drier, which will really thrill your customer...
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HydraMaster introduces new TMTG4000™ Truckmount to Go™

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Press Release

May 1, 2019

HydraMaster introduces new TMTG4000™ Truckmount to Go™ Mobile Cleaning and Restoration Plant

When does a truckmount not require a truck? HydraMaster is proud to introduce the newest addition to its complete line of truckmounts- the TMTG4000™ Truckmount to Go™ Mobile Cleaning and...
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Building Long Term Business Relationships

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Long-Lasting Business Relationships Are Valuable!
by Lee Pemberton - eCleanAdvisor
The most effective way you can build long-lasting business relationships is to actively participate in local or online groups or communities that your prospects and customers are involved in.
[IMG alt="Long-Lasting Business Relationships Are...
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HydraMaster Revolution RX12 Tile Spinner released

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1554775212378.pngA Better Way to Clean Tile, Stone and Concrete Floors!
Thoughtful Design Leads to a Better Performance

A Dedicated Hard Surface Cleaning Machine

The EVOLUTION RX12 ROTARY HARD SURFACE EXTRACTION TOOL allows you to deep clean tile, stone, and concrete floors faster, easier and better than any other cleaning tool or...
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Auction Saiger Tsunami, 40# Pail

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Saigers Tsunami Tile an Grout Cleaner is a high pH,"GIGANTIC WAVE of Clean" prespray! At the top of the pH scale, it's prefect for Tile, Grout, Stone an Concrete. It's also a great booster for super soiled Commercial, Poly, and Olefin carpets. This is not safe for wool or 5th generation nylon. Take care to wipe reidue off...
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What's shaking at ARCS

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Lot's of things actually!

First up is the intermediate In-Plant Rug Cleaning Class

Date: April 2-4 2019
Location: Washington, D.C. - ACS-Ayoub Cleaning Service
Price: Member $975; Nonmember Price: $1800
IICRC Continuing Education: 12 credit hours

Armen Dohanian...
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Auction Rotovac 360i Auction w/ choice of head

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Rotovac 360i (factory demo) up for grabs. Your choice of head and free shipping (L48) included!

Starting bid of $1200 w/ minimum $25 bid increment
$2300+ retail value
Auction ends 3/27 at 6PM pst /9PM EST
Free shipping to the lower 48

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Auction 10" CRB (TM3) from Cleanfreak.com

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Up for auction is 10" CRB from Cleanfreak.com.

MSRP $1995
Starting bid $1345
Free shipping to lower 48
Minimum bid increment $20

Auction ends 2/26/19 at 9PM EST / 6PM PST

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Jon-Don Acquires Quest Building Products

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88596Press Release
Contact: Alexandra Gualtieri 800-556-6366 (Ext.2764)
Fax: 847-380-9837
E-mail: AlexandraG@jondon.com
Jon-Don Acquires Quest Building Products​

Anaheim, CA (February 7, 2019) Jon-Don, a leading supplier of equipment, consumables, and know-how to specialty contractors...
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The NEW Everest 870 reveal

Everest maintenance tip


Mike Lombardozzi joins HydraMaster as National Accounts Manager - Jan-San

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Press Release - January 15th, 2019


Bruce Daw, Vice President of Sales for HydraMaster, has announced the addition of Mike Lombardozzi as the HydraMaster National Accounts Manager for the Jan-San industry. Mike joins HydraMaster as an accomplished account...
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Don't miss the Legends Brands' New Product Reveal at Nexus 2019

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This year, the expo is January 28 & 29 at Bally's Las Vegas. Come for the expo, educational seminars, networking parties, and new product reveals.

If you haven't yet, you can register...
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Mike Pailliotet interviews Branden Joynt of Trinity Renewal Systems 12/14/18

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Interview with Branden Joynt, the new major shareholder of "TRS" formally known as CCS, or Guerkink Machines for your real old guys. We'll discuss a bit of the past, some of the present and plenty of the future of Oscillating Pad Machines, Encapsulation, Versatility, their product line, a Vegas RMHC surprise and some good ol' juicy gossip.

Youtube with better audio sync and technical...
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HydraMaster Sales Team Takes Time Out of Training and Planning Meeting to Clean the Seattle Cocoon House

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Press Release

December 14, 2018

HydraMaster Sales Team Takes Time Out of Training and Planning Meeting to Clean the Seattle Cocoon House

As part of their planning meeting for 2019, the HydraMaster Sales Team got together for a project...
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Jon-Don Announces Corporate Rebranding Campaign

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Press Release
Contact: Alexandra Gualtieri 800-556-6366 (Ext.2764)
Fax: 847-380-9837
E-mail: AlexandraG@jondon.com


Jon-Don Announces Corporate Rebranding Campaign

NORTH AMERICA (December 2018) Jon-Don, a leading supplier of...
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Cleanco Truckmount Package Financing Available!

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Financing available through AZTEC Financial for Cleanco Truckmounts
With over 20 years experience, flexible financing and industry experts, Aztec Financial can get you into the money making machine you need, whether...
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