Acid rinse directly into fresh water tank?

I haven't had a chem injector in years. Never had a problem. It can leave fuzzy looking stuff in the bottom of the tank. Probably fillers or stabilizers of some sort. Using flex ice for a while now.
Alkaline cleaners leave deposits inside the plumbing of the heat exchangers, reducing their efficiency and even clogging them in severe cases.
Running an acid through the system will clean out those deposits.
Acid cleaners do the same thing. Has nothing to do with acid or alkaline. Has to do with the make up of the product. Vinegar or descaling products clean out your system because they have no soap or detergent products or fillers. Acid cleaners leave as much residue as alkaline cleaners.
My chemical pump is broken for good. Anyone put acid rinse directly into fresh water tank? If so, help with dilution ratio? Maybe just a pump up sprayer mist after rinsing with fresh water is best until I get the pump replaced?
I’d say about 16 oz for 75 gal

I made the mistake of dumping into 75 gal tank half gal to a gal using all fiber rinse from JonDon. Stuff ok but foams up. Lesson learned. So now if a had to it, 16 ounces is the sweet spot for me.


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Most rinse products should be diluted at either 1:320 or 1 :640. Use 1:640 if you have soft water. 1:320 if you have hard water. Somewhere in between is OK for most.

100 gallon fresh water tank would need somewhere between 20 and 40 ounces. A quart would be a nice round amount.