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Esteam Solutions

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Esteam's professional carpet cleaning detergent products feature cutting edge cleaning technology formulations, providing cleaning professionals with products that deliver superior results in the field.

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Portable Extractors

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Esteam Cleaning Systems manufactures two lines of portable extractors that were developed to clean carpets better than any other portable on the market.
The Ninja Classic's and the E-Machines are reliable and durable extractors that get the job done. Take a look at each line carefully, and see how they can help your business become more efficient.

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Does have a strong odor but mainly notice it in your truck. Diluted,coming out of the wand, you barely notice it. Powerful emulsifier, not too much foam at the right dilution. Not my favorite product but definitely will get the job done.


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Flex ICE stinks like old women’s feet. I do like the Flex Fire. It smells like Watermelon. Even though watermelon is disgusting as old women’s feet.