Getting to know Bob Pruitt..

OK BOb.. Your turn on the MB Hot Seat.

You sort of came out of nowhere and have become a respectable elder here.

There must be more to it than that dashing head of white hair and your good taste in music.

here we go..

  • You started in this racket, how?
  • What is the current state of your business today
  • and it will be where in five years?
  • How did you find MB and what does it do for you?
  • How do you educate your techs?
  • Please describe your average tech
  • and your top dog..
  • SFS, Howard or Joe graduate?
  • Please describe your fleet..
  • What are your day to day duties?
  • Why the three states in your profile?
  • Marital/family status..
  • Second favorite MB'r?
  • Would you offer VLM only in homes?


As soon as the Florida house sells I will be purchasing this home or another one in this complex Gated Equestrian Community So between Fort Worth and Trophy Club. My kids are in Keller and Southlake and there are thousands of the McMansions there for the residential work. So the market will be everything between those 2 areas. Moving there to be near family...will miss Florida and Coastal California is always going to feel like home. Very nice people in Texas but they can't drive :-) Drive friendly!
Bob, just looked at your home in Florida, and my wife and I and our two pups were really close to your place when we were there in Florida this past January....we were out just doing neighborhood drive arounds and looking at places for sale (Dreaming :) ) and were quite close.

We started up in Clearwater Beach Florida again this year, but then ended up in Fort Meyers Beach staying at the Red Coconut in our Roadtrek....

Was just showing my wife both your places you have listed in this thread :)
Bob, just looked at your home in Florida,
I tell my wife all the the time... We live where people vacation! The two houses across our canal are European rentals. I tell my wife... These people have had to save up their money, fly across the world, plop dow 3000 dollars a week... just to live across the canal from us for a week or two :-) As a bonus they get my 3 big dogs barking at them every time they take their boats out :-) Still the wife wants to be near the grand kids. I was flying her out there about every month and that just made it worse... so the house will sell most likely by Fall when all snow birds are back...if not before.
Back at you Marty!

One of these fests you and I and maybe that Paycho Jimmy should attend. We can heckle Chavez during his speech
All the Channel Islands from San Clemente to San Miguel. Not much of a beach diver but have done lots of beach dives helping with dive classes in Santa Barbara and Washington State. I think San Diego is a beautiful place and have thought about driving down to dive LaJolla Cove... Children pool. Great place to do dive classes.
The animal life really changes once you get to Santa Cruz Island. Garibaldis and California Moray Eels South of Santa Cruz but almost zero North of there. Most beautiful Channel Island is San Miguel... difficult to dive due to few days where conditions allow. I have also dove The Sea of Cortez out of La Paz. So north and south of San Diego.

Have you ever done any diving in/near San Diego Bob?