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Feb 2, 2007
My staff is warned about these and the "who is in charge of your lightbulbs?" scams.

When those idiots call I claim I'm Amish, and so we don't use light bulbs. Then I go into this sales pitch for my ole horse Ed.

Ed He is a great horse but just can't pull the plow no more due to arthritis. Ed would make a great pet for you city boys over yonder and my cousin Sammy could bring him over in a few days in his horse trailer. Sammy is a nice fellow and you will like him, everyone does. He just isn't Amish no more because of that thing with the preacher's wife in the hayloft at the church picnic. It don't matter none cause now we got a new preacher with an ugly wife. They moved here from Tennessee. Before they were in Tennessee they where in Florida selling Amway. By the way, have you ever seen the plan ?

Sometimes I get through it before they hang up.

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