Look who won the Aqua Helix and Unleashed combo package from Legend Brands!


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lol....how many times did you enter?
Thanks guys! I don't know how many times I entered. I just did the 3 entries per every 24 hours, or tried too.

I've only seen an aqua Helix once at the Medford OR Interlink. I thought it looked slick but really not sure how it works. My impression was it's geared more toward flood work. If it can be used for urine, you know i'm the guy to do it. Anyone use this thing before?


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I actually have a job coming up that this would be perfect for. It's a job where the property management company sent me in to do something about the smell. When I clicked on my UV light the entire carpet was 100% covered in urine. I turned down the job and told them it was so bad to just replace it. Then, on Friday I get a work order from them for the same place asking me to go thermo fog the place...... Good grief! I don't think Thermo fogging is going to help this place. I'm going to call them tomorrow and see if they will rethink this request and maybe wait for the Helix to come so I can just flood the place. My original estimate was $1300 to pull the carpet and treat everything. If I can revert back to the helix and they agree, I may be able to do it for around $5000-$700. I still think the homeowner need to replace and quit being cheap.

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Damon, make sure to video it in action and add commentary.
Don’t forget to swing the camera wildly at the carpet in case nobody ever saw some.

Also, I’d be interested in your impression of how effective it is as opposed to a slow dragged wand and how convenient for spotting as opposed to a waterclaw.