Mikey's Fest at Stone Pro in Anaheim @ April 4th-6

Rob at Stone Pro wants to put on a special class for us * retentive carpet cleaners.

There will be a strong focus on down and dirty quick up sells such as

  • Stone counter top cleaning and sealing
  • Etch mark removal
  • Topical sealer removal
  • Shower stall caulking (possibly taught by your's truly)
  • Travertine and Limestone honing
  • Grout repair
  • Enhancing do's and dont's
  • Quick and dirty Concrete polishing and sealing
  • and any thing else YOU want to learn in an awesome training center set up with every stone and toy imaginable.

An all inclusive package with meals, lodging will be announced soon

Disneyland is next door so bring the family!
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This is gong to be AWESOME!!! We are working on all the details. I will have them to everyone as quickly as possible.
Rob is in class all week. He'll have time to deal with the details of this event next week.

Rob would like to keep the class at twelve people.

He has a couple non MBr's already signed up

  1. MP
  2. Al Paulson
  3. Tom Meyer
  4. Dan Laurie
  5. Bryan Thomson ?
  6. Sam Miller
  7. Zee
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Well...I want to... And need to....

And I just marked my schedule blocking those days out.

So I will be.
Quick update for all of you. having Disneyland next door makes getting good hotel rates almost impossible. I think I have found a good one but I'm waiting on the group rate. Extended Stay America offers more of an apartment feel.

It is two miles from the Boot Camp. You can walk to Anaheim Stadium and/or the Honda Center and next door you have the Stadium Promenade.

The Boot Camp without the Hotel is $750.00. This includes a continental type breakfast and lunch. If you want to find your own place to stay. I will get you a price including the Extended Stay America as soon as they confirm back to me.

If you have any questions call me direct. 714-833-1939
Rob and the gang will serve bagels and the fixings for breakfast, real nice lunches too..