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Aug 9, 2012
Mikey...i can see here where you gotta give me more time...
i'm gonna need a Q&A time at the end!

every one except Jim P....i can't keep up wit him.......!!
Ya because every carpet cleaner wants to know what was your favorite pain killer in the.







Today ?
Jun 5, 2009
It's official my wife said I can go. Just one problem how does one get hell to freeze over?

Ain't it funny how shell fish sounds like selfish. I didn't think so either. :errf:
It is way better to just do it and ask for forgiveness... If real men waited for approval from their wives there would be very little joy in this world..
Oct 6, 2006
The High Chapperal
Killer new tools and goodies you'll get to use and abuse at Mikey's Fest Minneapolis...

  • The new Sapphire 570/Apex with never been seen before heat retention technology..
  • The newly redesigned Prochem Legend GT
  • The all new HydraMaster Evolution Stair Wand and Upholstery tool..
  • The Next Generation RX-20..
  • HydraMaster XDrive
  • Carpet Cleaner America's New On Board Tank CRB..
  • Devastator 12" Swivel Wand
  • Devastator 12" Stair Wand
  • Zipper Super Spinner with Hyper Spinners for smaller truckmounts
  • Saiger Sauce Deep Blue Rinse and Super Speed Sealer!
  • Contec Micro Fiber Flat Mop systems
  • PMF 2" flare 2 jet stairwand
  • Westpak new swivel stair wand with spray shield and re positioned jets
  • Rotovac clear head Shear Dry upholstery tool
  • Plus the latest Aerotech and Butler truckmounts, custom SealA Doors, Stone Pro Products and lots more!
Oct 6, 2006
The High Chapperal
Minneapolis Mikey's Fest Schedule:

Main Class Room-

8AM: Opening Ceremonies with Mike Pailliotet and Jim Pemberton
We’ll be discussing the day’s schedule as well as our game plan for the RMH Cleaning.

8:30 to 9:00 -Mark Saiger’s secrets to a well ran family operated Mom and Pop
cleaning business.
It’s not everyone who will tell you without hesitation, all that it took to make them a success. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to learn from Mark’s successes and failures as a multi generation cleaning nerd family member. If your goal is to keep your cleaning business small, efficient and profitable, come learn from the master! Brothers Kirk and Dave will be on hand to share as well.

10 :00 to 11:00 -Sam Robinson, world leading expert on Customer Relationship Management software.
If you’re still running your business out of a notebook and a floppy disc, it’s time to jump into the next century and learn about the multitudes of software options and how to best use built in, virtually free features to make your phone ring with loyal happy clients.

12:pm -Catered lunch

1:00-2pm Chandler Thompson, not your everyday joe.
Much like Mark Saiger but in the super crowded, hyper competitive market of Atlanta, learn from a super star how he rose above the masses of mundane cleaners and became the go to guy for the elite homeowners in his area. A rare opportunity to learn from a millennial cleaner killing it in the trenches TODAY and not twenty years ago.

2:00-3:00 Ryan Kettering, the man on the scene.
If there is a more in touch graphics designer for our industry, I dare you to find him. Ryan is going to tell you how plug your leaky bucket, quit loosing your valued customers by creating a better in home and online experience for your happy and loyal customer.

5:30– until he passes out, The one and only Bob Vawter,
Detroit’s most infamous Owner Operator spills his guts about his crazy life of outlaw bikers, hot tubs filled with girls, drag racing, cigarette boats, the Purple Flame and how he made and lost a fortune cleaning carpet with a $49 job average.


Mechanic’s Bay Class Room-

9am-11:00 Jim Pemberton’s Speed Cleaning—Quick and easy upholstery cleaning demonstration
It’s all hands on deck as we learn handy techniques to improve the appearance of synthetic upholstery in minutes. Using encapsulation and other low moisture tricks along with your truck mount, you’ll be able to keep your customers who are on a tight budget, happy and loyal while adding to your bottom line every day. Great knowledge for your commissioned technicians who rely on upselling to earn a living wage. You’ll be able to practice these skills at the RMH on Thursday on over 60 pieces of upholstery.

11am to 1:00pm– Robert Atlas –Quick and easy carpet repair skills.
Every cleaner should know how to fasten down loose steps, patch small burns, fix an open seam or repair a damaged transition area. With a few inexpensive tools and some basic training and knowledge you and your techs can be keeping your clients happy and loyal. (notice a theme here?) Rob has trained hundreds of carpet cleaners across the country these skills as well as how to generate 1000’s of online reviews for your services. Bring band aids and a notebook

1pm to 3pm– Rob Fairfield from Stone Pro -Quick and easy counter top maintenance
Nothing makes a client happier and more loyal than if you can restore, clean and seal their granite, tile or synthetic countertops after you’re done with their carpet. By the time we’re finished with the RMH’s 475 feel of counters, you’ll be an expert in hard water deposit removal, deep cleaning, polishing and re-caulking. Practice your skills with Rob in this down and dirty session. Don’t wear nice clothes, or bring an apron.

3pm to 4pm- Mike Pailliotet, Contec’s Ann Heinke Bedwell and Mark Saiger– Quick and ridiculously easy tile, stone and LVP cleaning and sealing.
If you want happy and loyal clients you better figure out how to clean and seal their hard surface flooring for the same price you clean their carpets for.. As carpet continues to decline in popularity NOW is the time to learn how to speed up your processes. Practice for the acres of flooring at the RMH with new equipment and chemicals designed just for this purpose.

* expect a change or addition two..
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Aug 19, 2013
San Francisco, CA.
Is Minneapolis worth visiting? (thats a serious question not mocking anyone)
I was planning on tripping around USA back in september but didnt end up going to plan. August is still my sloow season I could call it a work trip and let my biz pay for it
Not in the top 10-20 places to visit in USA but at least attending MF will make it a business trip.

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