New Janitorial Room coming to MB.

Mikey P

Looking for advice on VCT work, urinal cakes, two way mirrors for the girls locker room, mop and broom selection, can liners, one piece overalls and advice on all the newest pos portables, one of our rock stars here just got a real job and be moderating our new room...
Now I won’t have to sneak over to the other place to read ALL the knowledge parlayed in the janitor board!! I can come to a one stop bored!

I’m bidding an office, any help would be appreciated :icon_rolleyes:
What do I know, I'm just a janitor, is how Michael usually ends his posts. And you used to refer to us CC's as Glorified janitors.

So, I took you two for your word. I guess I should not have been that naive. But what do I know I am just......:winky: