New Janitorial Room coming to MB.

73 Mk III Ford Cortina in "Daytona yellow" funny thing even though British it didnt like the rain. It would leave you sitting on side of the road if you went through a puddle until the electrics dried out
Did you dream of owning a PACER too?

But had a '69 green Maverick just like this one


'cept mine had quarter panels so rusted out they flapped going down the highway
and wet/slushy roads slung sludge on the windshield thru what was left of the tops of the front fenders

Like Steveo, I've owned quite a few $100 dollar slams in my day

When I was 18 I had a 73 Ford f-100 with a 429cj in it.... the truck was a rusted POS, but it hauled ass... I could be doing 30, drop it down, and roast the tires until I let off the gas. I had a buddy who was doing an apprenticeship at a tire shop. We would throw a set of used rear tires on it every 3 weeks to a month. Man, to be that age again.... beer, bush parties, girls.... a guy worked only for the weekend....