Rotovac's new Wandzer Wand

Mikey P

For cleaners that like the way a wand handles and maneuvers, Rotovac has just come out with a wand handle version of the Bonzer (The Wandzer). Rotovac is offering money back trials to anyone looking to try one out.

  • Completely encapsulates all heat and steam under manifold (puts the heat where you need it)
  • Front and rear Teflon vacuum glides clean in both directions
  • Works with Truckmount or Portable extractors
  • Cleans tile and grout with brush glides
  • Weighs only 21 lbs.

30 day purchase price refund guarantee

bonzer-wand.jpg chuck-bonzer-wand.jpg
If Rotovac truly cares about their customer base, they should send out a minimum of 10 of these trial versions out to an Owner Operator business to get the most accurate feedback AT NO COST TO THE USER.

Selling it at freaking $1500, and just putting a "money back guarantee" isn't gonna do anything but piss off the user for having to send out their hard earned money, try it on a job just to get frustrated and burned from the solution hose that's hanging like a limp, you know what, and get shoulder aches at the end of the day. Just to box it up and send it back if they hate it.