Webinar Sept 30th 9PM EST - Saigervision- Mark interviews Russ Terharr

Thank you! I'm going to work tomorrow motivated by your excitement for what can be, if we want it.:cool:

You are right also in your confidence, nobody can out clean you.
Keep kicking tail up there!!!! :rockon:

Russ T.

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Kicking myself in the a$$ a little, hoping I didn't come off as an arrogant Jerk.

Mel would tell you it's something I'm working on! :dejection:

Russ T.

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It was a good choice and you two worked well together. Mark is just so comfortable as the facilitator. Time flew by so fast but a lot of great info in this one! :headbang:

Thanks guys! :cool:

Thanks Fred much appreciated! :cool:
We kept chatting for just a little bit after and felt like it could have gone on for hours...

Kinda like sitting around the Tiki Bar in Clearwater with my Mikey's Board peeps!