Stone Pro Boot Camp Teaser

Feb 5, 2016
The boot camp is really a hands on course, virtually no lecturing. First time attending, on the first day I watched what and how others were running the tools, the steps involved and so forth it gave a nice overall feeling how the class is setup. I found that to be very informative because you can watch a number of different things going on.
You also understand the basic principles involved in stone polishing and repair. Second and Third day I repaired scratchs and polished a section of concrete, which didn't give me the chance to see what and how some other things were done. If a person is returning they can focus on what they will be doing on a job that is coming up so they can be more proficient at it. Steve and Rob are more than willing to annswer any questions you have and help solve any problems. A couple of the guys left some granite ready to be repaired for the next class. It is a fluid class they are always trying to improve on making it more and more beneficial for the students.

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