the Butler video you've been waiting for..


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It's funny how in some cases we talk about having light weight equipment as a good thing... And then other times we are drooling and supposed to think "oh cool, look at 400 pounds just in a couple of EMPTY metal boxes"

Yes, I know they are extra sturdy and last forever but it's still funny..

Same as when some equipment could be fixed from a local hardware store as a "cheap junk" but when you had a Judson, then it was "nice, you can just fix it with parts from a local hardware store..."
I'm sure aluminum would be much lighter but then someone would say why wouldn't they make it in stainless? I think when you make large investments like that you want value regardless of weight.

As far as the Judson, not all small manufacturers are equal in what they build and their track record. The Judson brand has proven itself over time, while others seem build and learn on your dime.

After seeing the Sapphire and Butler tours you can see how much more thought and engineering go into building a consistently high quality product than just throwing components onto a frame. Top notch companies! :cool:


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I know Doc, I wasn't knocking on butler or ss.. I appreciate the quality.. I just find it funny how sometimes we have things backwards a bit.

I'd rather have a ss or butler then a garage built pos. I do not mind paying higher prices for better tools.
Good job Fred. I'll give them a slight nod over Accellerated's World Head Quarters in Atlanta!!!

What TOP SECRET componet was being tested at 20:05? The Pfred I know woulda put that guy in his place!!!

PS Chavez wants to know where all his cousins are at the factory? (Steve T on Dannys computer)
Great tour .. ever thin was awesome ..

Yeah Id like to know what was behind the closed door with the man waving the finger .. he was in lunging position - "Dont chew come in here !!"
To me, there is no question that Butler is the standard all other mfg's are trying to reach. If I can ever get my daughter to graduate college, I want to get one. Heck, I may not be able to wait until she graduates. I need one today. Pork hole and all.