the Butler video you've been waiting for..

I see TCS on a fairly regular basis for two reasons.

1) I do almost NO repairs myself. Yesterday, I drove over there because both blower belts blew and my chemical dyer meter was broken. Both easy fixes, even for me. However, I hate working on them and drive over there and let them do things like that. I needed my blower and pump oil changed too, so adding it all up, I just drove over instead of spending the day doing it myself. Which brings me to my second point.
2) I buy as much of my chemical needs from them as I can, because they love me so much and show it. I was in need of a chemical order to get ready for my military rental cleaning season, so I picked up everything I needed while there.

Stockwell and the rest of you Jim Martins would have done it all yourself and not worried about the drive over.

These units really ARE bullet proof, and when they get their heat exchange on line they'll be even better.


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Great video Fred, thanks for taking the time to do it. They have a very impressive facility and it is no wonder why they have had the success that they have.
I cringe at some of the pictures of naked machines in raw vans not really ready to roll. Butler always shows a "finished" product. Fit and finish unmatched.