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"My favorite Ultrapac product is the new Ultrapac Extreme. It smells amazing and cleans even better. I love the versatility - I can pretreat a carpet and spray the tile in the bathroom or kitchen as well. I had a number of customers tell me how they loved how light and clean the tile looked after using Extreme." Royce Griffiths, Deseret Carpet Cleaners, Sandy, Utah

"We like the Ultrapac Mint and LVC. Mint works really well for our customers that like a fresh smell and the LVC for the sensitive customers." Jeff Beaty, Cleanup Services, New Springfield, OH

We gave this (Ultrapac Extreme) a shot and I tell you what - it works wonders! We had a place to clean and it looked like the carpet needed to be replaced. After using the product, it made the carpet look brand new! Michael Brawley, AMS, Myrtle Beach, SC

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Boy Sprout
Feb 4, 2016
I'm running low on acid rinse. Been using PureForce. What does prochem put out that's good and has a good dilution rate?


Aug 11, 2012
I use P rochem all fiber rinse or just soft water these days. Been pretty happy with it. I just use a splash per 5 gallon jug of water.

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