Wall drying?

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Sep 20, 2008
Fort Worth , Texas
Had a customer ask me today if there was mold in her house.

AND I TOLD HER THERE IS MOLD IN YOUR HOUSE, but not related to this small a/c overflow water damage. She wanted prof so we went into the attic and took pictures of the area of ceiling drywall that was wet and said look there is not mold, and she was fine.

In Other scenarios we would just drill a 1/2 hole and use a borescope to show there is not mold.

If the wall or building material is dry the won't be any growth, if your customer is worried and you are spray it Dow with a quat. Allow 10 minutes the wipe it down. (Don't do this if you can actually see growth, only if wall is visibly clean on the surface.
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