Would a thermal moisture meter show a Gopher underground?



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Yes and how cold and how fast they are moving, but don’t think you can see feet down into the ground as temp will dissipate among all the earth and there won’t be enough heat for contrast.


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A lot depends upon the meter. Some are sensitive to 1 degree or 3 degrees and high end models are sensitive to 1/2 degree or even .1 degree. These can see the tunnels easily, but do you want to spend $7,000 - $9,000 to track that gopher?
doubful. It shows temperature differential and at the depth that he is digging its unlikely that you will be able to read his body temperature or the difference from where hs is in the tunnel vs where he isn't.

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Hate them. Baxter will dig them up now and then but he will also dig a big as hole and not find one. :neutral:
One small area in the front yard near the road is a gofer condo association

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Filled it several times, but they must love that particular spot , cause within a year or two, it's sunk again

Aren't they cool blooded? If so t hen no I would say. Quit watering and they will move on or roll the lawn a few times a week and they will find greener pastures.