X-Cide for Smoke CT (cannabis and tobacco)

X-Cide for Smoke CT is the best product you can buy to neutralize difficult Cannabis and Tobacco Odors. You will also find it excellent for cooking odors.

Cannabis and Tobacco order complaints are increasing a at rapid rate!!!

What a great opportunity! But... in testing all the products we could find that claim to eliminate these odors we have found that few actually worked for more that a few days before the odor returned. So we went to great lengths to formulate a product that truly eliminated the odor.

The product was given the name X-Cide for Smoke CT. The "CT" stands for Cannabis and Tobacco. Not to be confused with its predecessor X-cide for Smoke. The new "CT" version has amazing performance and its light years ahead of all the competitive products we tested.

Samples of X-Cide for smoke are available at your local distributor by request.

Looking f for your local distributor??

X-Cide for Smoke CT.png
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I wish I could've had some to spray on a customer that came into the store I was cleaning tonight :eekk:
The skunk was strong on that boy. Literally stunk up the whole store!
Being in Colorado, it's probably a good idea to try this stuff.
We have gotten great reviews on this product. Since its a odor ELIMINATOR not odor mask the results have been fantastic. Keep and eye out on the board for a raffle.
I have always been happy with CTI products...if you look in my van it's a whole lotta yellow jugs with red caps!
I had a dentist who would ask me to ozonate his condo every second thursday to get rid of the pot smell. He gets his kids every second weekend.
I did some RICH college kid condo the other day. It was so unbelievably dank in there. He must have had some seriously good stuff. I had to apologize to my next job for smelling of weed. You could still smell it on my dirty clothes the next day in the basket.
Well I hope you're all having fun. ....
HOWEVER Don make me start naming those that suggested we go for a little "walk" together.....huh?
Hahaha!! It's a shame I can't bring oil with me from the weed land of Colorado for you to try! Once you Vape it you are ruint for the other stuff!