Do I post this Yelp review?

Not referring necessarily to this particular Yelp review.

Some here view reporting a bad business as vindictive. I disagree.
I consider not writing a review on a bad business as selfish and uncaring. It's like watching a rock on the road and not removing it or at least warning your fellow car drivers about the danger. Its the famous FU attitude- I only care about #1 and the rest of you go FYs. Mean spirited.

You write a fair review, stating the facts. You help your fellow passengers/drivers.
Besides- Anybody with a sense of business knows that how the business owner responds can actually win (not lose) him business. It is an opportunity. And if the business responds well it registers as a plus.
And you can add a follow up review.

So FFS (for f... sake) don't just sit there and watch other drivers rack their cars. Sooner or later, it will come back at you.
Or yor ass will get hit by a car when you get out to pick up the rock. "No good deed goes unpunished." :winky:
I have a local car dealership that I should be dropping a review on....

They also are hanging onto a pile of money I am told GM authorized they were to pay me for downtime.

Magically is not appearing.

I filed another case with GM... GM told me to work with my dealer... I told them wasn't going to happen...and made sure GM documented my complaint...

They Piss me off one more time and I am going to release the hounds on them... PERRY MASON style!


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Its interesting how many of you said no, move on, let it go, what good will come of it..

Can I assume those of you who feel this way do not leave, or read business reviews?
I’ve ripped Verizon and a few real crappy situations, but if your guys are saying no?

Then respect that for them.

They are there


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I dont know about the first three visits but he said he saw it after the 4th abd declared it good enough.

Hard to imagine a gun toting bad ass such as yourself letting a guy have the last word in a situation like this.

I doubt you know anyone more forgiving than I, but his comment on my employees peeling the vinyl off really pissed me off.

Ya that’s some bs there moma bear wants some.

Still what do your peeps thinks there?

If he removed it all be done with the crazies
I was in a mood the other day.... (Mikey could validate that)....

So I had a few minutes and was by my local GM dealership...

Told my retired guy with me... Wait here but this is going to be epic... He could see in the window.

Walked in... The place pretty much had that "oh Sh*T" look on their face... And I was getting ignored for some time...

Waiting finally someone had to wait on me at the service counter (after 10 minutes...)

And of course... No one knows anything about any money..... And couldn't find case number.... So I gave it to them.!:icon_twisted:

Wonder how long this time before I have to walk in again....

Next time, if in the same mood it could be a lawyer walking in with me.... Just to make my lawyer rich and for kicks and giggles :icon_twisted::rockon: