Interview with Ken Snow 12-13-06

Mikey P


I cant thank you enough for being a true sport. You did a great job keeping up we all really appreciate it.

I hope Jim P does not get his feeling hurt by the numbers your session and pulled.

Thanks agian and raise your damn prices!


Ken you talked about trying out a glide, you need to clean your own with a glide.

Dry faster or not you'll be amazed at how little fatigue it is compared to a non glided wand.

It will keep your tech's fresh and ready for that additional job you may throw at them.

Our guys love them, I love they are not too tired to handle the occasional water loss that pops up at the end of the day! :wink:

Yes Richard we do- and thanks for checking in to the interview. Every truck is inspected weekly thoroughly and also signed off on each morning (for cleanliness). Our guys are not responsible in a financial sense, but we do not tolerate abuse. We have 3 full time mechanic/maintenance people who do all the repairs and body work. We also have a paint booth and do all our painting in house.
Be nice Jeremy, or I'll send my alter ego with the Harley garb after you :)

I actually love to sing sad sappy love songs~ Josh Groban, Simon & Garfunkel, Kenny Rogers etc.. Just finished my concert series for the year and only 3 more solo gigs booked 1 this Sunday and 2 xmas eve.
Ken, thanks for being here tonight. Personally I appreciate it. Hopefully I'll be successful enough to be "on the hot seat" one day too. The advice & time spent "rubbing elbows" with some of the gurus of the industry is paying dividends, so thanks for spending a little time here. I can't thank you enough for your openness & candor. Have a great night.
Hey Ken, just got in.

5pm THursday here so had to finish my day first. Still got a comm do you so can't hang around. Thanks for this and I'll catch up with the rest when I get in later.

Do you have 'simple' proceedures manuals in the vehicles? Something like a double sided and laminated card dealing with the main areas of expertise they are likely to encounter?

Or just full manuals in the office?

Do they get their own copy?

Cheers, John