Transferring from Trailer To Box Truck

I started using goof off and it was taking the paint off with the adhesive as well. I used a few other things and didn't like the outcome and found that wd40 did the best. I sprayed it on, loved that it stayed on and didn't evaporate immediately, let it dwell, and started scraping. There's just a tad left on it, and I'm gonna see if my wrapping company will let me get by with it. If not, I'm just gonna pay them extra to remove it themselves. I'm burned out on scraping

As for the door, I have a local welder machine dude that did all the cutting and remaking of the frame. There's a trailer company that builds enclosed trailers in a county next to mine that's gonna install the door this thursday.
It smells like polyurethane. Did you get that blue gallon container at the auto parts store? And did you put it on a van metal or a wood floor like mine?
I like option 3.

I put a plywood floor over the planks. I used the liner paint from Harbor Freight which is holding up well. I put down the paint flecks that you buy at Home Depot for garage floors that turned out really well.
I like the first one, the orange makes it "pop"... But I'd add .com right under the name and put a phone number where the website is currently... But I don't know jack, so take it with a grain of salt...

Nice designs, better than the other guy.....:lol: