Completed Advanced Multi-Surface Manual By Mike Pailliotet & Bryan Thomson

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Jul 13, 2011
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  • Advanced Multi-Surface Manual By Mike Pailliotet & Bryan Thomson
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Our goal with this manual is to help you create a full-service and higher profit cleaning and repair company. The skills we teach will enable you to expand your offerings and strengthen and build the relationship with your higher-end clients.

This information was originally assembled to be a class workbook for our three day Advanced Hard-Surface course and has morphed into an all-encompassing how-to manual that can be of great value to carpet cleaning professionals looking to expand their service offerings. One-stop shopping, especially for home services, is appreciated by the types of clients you want to be working for. We hope that studying this information will make you hungry for more and that we see you in class someday.

While no trade can be taught thoroughly in only a few pages, the solid foundation you will learn in this manual will help you develop a new skill set which can provide a valuable income stream to compliment your other cleaning services. As with most things in life, practice makes perfect and as you are about to see, we are here to learn and practice A LOT!

The two of us have been involved in the cleaning industry as technicians, instructors, influencers, salesmen, and manufacturer representatives for a combined 53 years, and we both agree that the most important element of mastering the subjects covered in this manual is being able to positively identify every surface and fabric that you’ll find in a client’s home. This will be discussed more throughout the chapters, but we just cannot emphasize it enough. If you are not able to do this yet, make it your goal to use every home and business that you walk into to practice your ID skills.

Congratulations on investing in yourself and your craft. Good luck!

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