Confessions of an ex MLMer..

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Nov 25, 2006
There are some things that I really dislike in MLMs.

1. Deception - anything that you have to trick people to listen too is not worthy imo. I do not like the strategies employed to get people to listen to the pitch. Getting invited over for dinner to find out that I am getting ambushed is a terrible introduction.

2. It hurts relationships - people stop seeing you as genuine friend and start worrying about your real intentions. Successful MLMers never stop recruiting and selling. I'd like to keep the majority of my friends and friends. Not people that I see as opportunities.

3. Buy products - I'd rather just buy products that I like rather than having to deal with bs every time I want something. Screw that. I can buy stuff anywhere. I don't want to go through a network of hyperactive opportunists to get what I want.

4. Selling dreams - I hate that. Lots of folks who don't know better buy into this stuff because they really think they are going to make it. The truth is that the percentage of MLMers that ever make money is low. Really really low. If you want to be successful as a MLMer you have to recruit people and collect money when you know that they will never ever make it. That just stinks. I don't want to knowingly take part in another persons disappointment or worse, their financial loss.

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