BlueLine Thermalwave2 summer/fall project

May 7, 2018
Chandler Arizona
Justin Johnston
Thanks to your updated manual…it showed where the plumbing I had currently .from my manual, was preventing the hot water to return back to the water box. And since my unit doesn’t have a solenoid, the hose #24 was routed to the pressure regulator so the water would stop moving.

And to complete the day even better…the headers didn’t overheat and glow during testing. I hope it stays that way. I’ll be burning extra clean gas for the next few tanks to make certain it stays that way

Thanks again @Justin Legend Brands

And @Jim Martin , your help was Greatly appreciated as well.

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Thanks to your updated manual, The temp loss problem has finally been fixed. I have yet to find out if it can compete with the everest heat (I need to put it on a full day of work), and the headers did not start overheating with red glow today.

So this project is ready to be sent out to work. Thanks @Justin Legend Brands , and @Jim Martin

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Not going to lie, I am going to miss sending you Gifs... Maybe I will randomly send them... 🤷‍♂️

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