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Put The Industry’s Leading Portable Extractor To Work For You!

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Put The Industry’s Leading Portable
Extractor To Work For You!

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All units ranging from 150 to 500 PSI, including models with heat, are CSA-US approved.

40 Liter (10 Gallon) Solution and 40 Liter (10 Gallon) Recovery Capacity: allows...
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HydraMaster is pleased to announce the new Automatic Wastewater Disposal System

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The AWDS is an additional wastewater pumping/disposal system we are offering as an alternative to our Auto Pump Out (APO).

The best and fastest way to learn more about the AWDS is to watch this video from our truckmount product manager, Chris Ryan: . You can also learn more from the attached product information sheet.

The Automatic Wastewater Disposal...
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Simoniz aquires Harvard Chemical Research

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Greetings valued Harvard customers and friends! It is with great excitement that we would like to announce the purchase of Harvard Chemical by Simoniz USA, an industry leader in JanSan. Over the past six months we have gotten to know the management team at Simoniz, their commitment and their culture. Believe us, this is a perfect fit for all of us.

Please click...
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Surviving Cold Weather cleaning!

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Surviving Cold Weather cleaning! A Survival guide and procedures to making a Living and Thriving in cold weather.

Saiger's Steam Clean Vans in the winter. A pretty common sight.

My Family has been located in Northern Minnesota and North Dakota all our lives. We have been cleaning carpets in the...
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