1. Chris Howell

    Beige ---> Blue

    Check out this color change that one of my trainees in Australia just did today! Very proud of him! Notice that he taped off the walls to protect them. We just use a dye shield, but nice to see how he respects the customer's property.
  2. Chris Howell

    Are you at ICE? Stop by and say hi!

    If you're here at ICE in Vegas I'd love to meet you. I'll be demonstrating the color restoration process on this Shiraz Persian Rug and would be happy to show you how our airbrush works and demonstrate the dyes. Also, if you want to see how our ColorCue app works, now's your chance! Come see...
  3. Chris Howell

    Donald Trump's Carpet

    This pic is from today's edition of USA Today. This is Donald Trump's penthouse in Manhattan, New York City. I've worked on this carpet on two separate occasions. UNFORGETTABLE experience! I had to pay $1,500.00 just to use the elevator in the building because they have to cover the...
  4. Chris Howell

    Congratulations to Mikey's Board member, Dave Moynihan Who completed our carpet & rug dyeing class!

    Congratulations to Mikey's Board member, Dave Moynihan who completed our carpet & rug dyeing class! Dave is our veteran (Coast Guard) who was trained completely free of charge as our way of saying "THANK YOU" for your service to our country! He did absolutely fantastic and is ready to...
  5. Chris Howell

    Airbrushing rugs at day #2 of our Salem, New Hampshire rug dyeing class.

    Airbrushing rugs at day #2 of our Salem, New Hampshire rug dyeing class.
  6. Chris Howell

    Old Coastie Rug!

    Hey, Look! It's Popeye! Check out Old Coastie's rug that was brought to our Salem, New Hampshire carpet & rug dyeing class today!
  7. Chris Howell

    Full Room Dyeing

    Nice job my technician completed today while I'm conducting a training in New Hampshire. Complete color change throughout a house. He took a light gray and changed it to a darker gray. Dyes are guaranteed permanent and colorfast for the life of the carpet. Carpet maybe walked on 30 seconds...
  8. Chris Howell

    Dyeing for Trump

    Dyeing for Trump. We just got an emergency call from the White House for dyeing bleach spots in one of the hallways. Apparently Obama wasn't bothered by them! :hopeless: They are in a frenzy right now, trying to get the White House ready for the inauguration. #lastminutechaos
  9. Chris Howell

    What's your niche?

    What's your niche? What's a niche? I looked up the Webster's definition and saw this: A niche is a specialized market or skill How about diversified? There's a difference between being diversified and having a niche. A dollar store is diversified. Their shelves throughout the entire...
  10. Chris Howell

    Yellow Pages

    Just received a copy of the yellow pages in the mail today. There are 164 carpet cleaning companies in the tiny town next to me! I actually feel sorry for them. They are all competing for business, offering the same service. Some of them are advertising $40 per room. Seriously? How...
  11. Chris Howell

    Any Redskins fans in here?

    Fun project that we did. This was a custom made designer wool rug that belongs to Daniel Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins NFL football team. His wife, Tonya, wanted it dyed to a specific shade of blue to match her curtains. Fun job. This is the BEST kind of winter work!
  12. Chris Howell

    Marketing tip for slow time of year

    Here's a little marketing tip for those of you who are interested: Churches are a great source of business. They typically have high volumes of traffic and a limited budget for maintaining their carpets (since they depend on charitable contributions to survive). Remember that many churches are...
  13. Chris Howell

    How many carpet cleaning companies are there within your service area? (all zip codes that you ser

    How many carpet cleaning companies are there within your service area? (all zip codes that you service). What are you doing differently that will make people choose YOU? (and don't say quality. Everyone thinks they're the best!)
  14. Chris Howell

    New Year's Eve at The White House

    How will you spend New Year's Eve? Last year we spent it in Tbe White House. Wouldn't surprise me if they call us in again tonight (it's always last minute) to do it again. Colorful Carpets has the honorable distinction of being the company to maintain the carpets and rugs in the White...
  15. Chris Howell

    Dye Stripper Damage

    Yet ANOTHER rug damaged by dye strippers. It's keeping my trainees busy!
  16. Chris Howell

    Our customer of the year award. And yours?

    Our customer of the year award: Customer: Hi. I'd like my carpet dyed. Colorful Carpets: Please send us a photo of your carpet so that we can see the color and the issues it has. Customer: Ok. Will send it now. Colorful Carpets: Ummm...:hopeless:
  17. Chris Howell

    Ugly ---> Beautiful

    Check out this ugly carpet that one of my trainees just made look beautiful. Very proud of him.
  18. Chris Howell

    Buffalo Bills Carpet

    Thought you guys might enjoy this. This is a custom rug that my lead technician made for his father using the airbrush. He took a white rug and dyed it into a football field with the Buffalo Bill's name and the NFL logo on it.
  19. Chris Howell

    Dyeing Airport Runways

    Interesting job that we just got in. High-rise condominium building just outside of Washington, DC. They have 19 floors with dark brown carpet with stripes running through it. These hallways and are almost as long as airport runways! They have beige sections of carpet interspersed...
  20. Chris Howell

    Wool & Viscose Rug

    A wool rug with viscose accents that one of our trainees, Sturdy Wengen, airbrushed in our shop. Customer wanted us to make the accents a bit more vibrant. She absolutely loved the results!
  21. Chris Howell

    Sorry Mr. Empire Man!

    Sorry Mr. Empire Man! It was awfully nice of you to show up at our customer's house today to try to sell them new carpet. You had no way of knowing that we could fix the bleached areas. It was really nice to meet you, and I sincerely appreciate the Bobblehead that you gave me. I might...
  22. Chris Howell

    No market for carpet dyeing services

    So one of my Minneapolis color trainees this week was told by someone that there is no market for carpet dyeing services. ;) Check out the job that my trainee just got in today! Congregation just purchased this church. They want the entire carpet restored. It's still in excellent overall...
  23. Chris Howell

    Do you do the trade-offs for your services?

    One of the best parts of being in this business is the trade-offs that you get to do. We are doing a job in Virginia next week at a resort. I arranged a trade off with them where we would fix a couple of bleach spots in exchange for a 3-day weekend getaway at the resort. I'm bringing the...
  24. Chris Howell

    So whatdya do with hair dye on carpet?

    So whatdya do with hair dye on carpet? Hair dye is one of the most difficult things to remove because the dye actually penetrates the fibers actually penetrates the fibers and goes inside the dye sites. Dye sites are like little pores or pockets on the fibers that hold the color...
  25. Chris Howell

    Minneapolis color training class video footage

    Here's some video footage from our Minneapolis color training class that we just finished this week. Enjoy :)
  26. Chris Howell

    Free Carpet & Rug Dyeing Training for Veterans

    Are you a veteran? If so, we've got something special for you to say THANK YOU for your service to our country! http://www.wbal.com/article/126724/2/a-colorful-future-for-some-veterans
  27. Chris Howell

    Furniture Stains on Carpet

    So what do you do when you have a customer who has furniture dye transfer stains, rust stains, and bleach spots on the carpet under where they keep their aquarium? You dye a small area rug into the carpet. That's what you do! This was the customer's choice. It was actually their idea, so...
  28. Chris Howell

    Do you turn away color correction jobs on rugs?

    Do you turn away color correction jobs on rugs? If so, you're walking away from money....and....leaving your customer with an unsolved prom, not to mention a damaged rug. If you need a recommendation for someone in your area who you can outsource color correction jobs to, let me know...
  29. Chris Howell

    A BEAUTIFUL carpet color restoration!

    Have to share this with you! A beautiful color restoration performed yesterday by one of our color trainees in Australia! LOVE THIS! ❤️ Happy Thanksgiving to each of you
  30. Chris Howell

    Do you offer warranty color repairs?

    Do you offer color repair services? The major carpet manufacturers such as Mohawk, Shaw, Masland, etc. all have need of individuals who can perform color repair services such as correcting mismatched colors at the seams of new carpet installations. Did you know that the manufacturers often...
  31. T Monahan

    A "Stripper" will provide entertainment!

    Unwanted dye migration and the need for color repair are always hot topics of conversation among rug cleaners. This has been evident on recent private internet forums, discussions in general when rug care providers get together socially or at various cleaning conferences and trade shows. Many...

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